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Inhaltsverzeichnis/Table of contents: (PDF)

Konstanze Jungbluth, Harald Weydt (Frankfurt/Oder):

Bi- and multilingual societies: History – politics – media
Bi- und multilinguale Gesellschaften: Geschichte – Politik – Medien

Veronika Ries, Stavros Skopeteas, Emrah Turan and Kristin Nahrmann (Bielefeld):
Discovering the prehistory of multilingual situations in the lexicon. An empirical study on the Caucasian Urum vocabulary
(Abstract) (PDF)

Gëzim Xhaferri (Tetovo):
Language policy and language learning in Macedonia. Which lessons may be adopted from the Swiss model?
(Abstract) (PDF)

Mª Elena Gómez Sánchez (Madrid):
A newspaper for immigrants. Spanish-Italian interference in Expreso Latino
(Abstract) (PDF)

Bi- and multilingual people: Language attitudes and language use
Bi- und multilinguale Menschen: Spracheinstellungen und Sprachverwendung

Natallia Sender (Frankfurt/Oder):
Measuring language attitudes. The case of Trasianka in Belarus
(Abstract) (PDF)

Elke Montanari (Hildesheim):
Grammatical gender in the discourse of multilingual children's acquisition of German
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Hanna Pulaczewska (Regensburg):
Polish-German bilingualism at school. A Polish perspective
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Veronika Ries (Bielefeld):
Language contact phenomena in the language use of speakers of German descent and the significance of their language attitudes
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Yves-Oliver Tauschwitz (Frankfurt/Oder):
Pronominal address among Russian Germans in the Altai Krai - preliminary results of empirical data
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