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La construction quand on X, Y… : études syntaxiques et pragmatiques

Sandra Teston-Bonnard Heike Baldauf-Quilliatre Véronique Traverso (Lyon)


In this paper we analyze the prefabricated construction quand on X, Y ('when one X, Y') in a corpus constituted out of queries in the CLAPI database ( The construction comes out in different formats, most frequently as quand on X, on X, where the pronoun is repeated in the second part of the construction (quand on vieillit on y voit de moins en moins). But it may also take the form quand on X, y, the second part (y) can either include the pronoun je, tu, il etc. ("quand on est acculé euh j`trouve qu` c'est quand même pas normal"), sometimes ça, or it can be introduced by c'est or il y a ("quand on est volontaire oui c'est bien"). Because of these numerous variations of the construction we considered the combination of a (macro)syntactic approach with a pragmatic and interactional analysis as particularly interesting.

One of our aims in this paper is thus to relate a syntactic analysis of spoken French to the analysis of French spoken in interaction. Therefore we study syntactic features in their sequential context and in relation to their interactional functions. Insofar and by the description of this single construction we propose a way to combine the analysis of grammar and interaction.

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