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Phraseologismen und stereotype Sprechakte im Deutschen und im Französischen

Maurice Kauffer (Nancy)


The topic of this paper is the definition and lexicographic treatment of pragmatic phraseologisms and in particular stereotypical speech acts in German and French. We begin with a critical examination of the traditional distinctions within pragmatic phraseologisms, i. e. between formulaic expressions, context-dependent phraseologisms and phraseologisms functioning as sentences. As a result, we propose a new, more clearly delineated set of stereotypical speech acts, i. e. phrases such as Na warte mal!,Sieh mal einer an!, Tu parles ! Tu vois ce que je vois ?.Stereotypical speech acts meet three requirements: semantic idiomaticity, utterance value and pragmatic function, and are generally used in spontaneous or fiction dialogues. Finally, we present a context-rich, corpus-based, bilingual dictionary of stereotypical speech acts that is being compiled in Nancy. Content and design of the dictionary are illustrated by two examples, la belle affaire and das ist die Höhe.

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