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Pour un apprenant réfléchissant

Elsa Chachkine, Françoise Demaizière et Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix (Paris)


In this paper, we present a foreign language learning approach inviting the learner to reflect on the linguistic system. We define "the reflecting learner" as a thinking being who decides to engage in thinking rather than following the teacher's invitation to reflect on his or her performed action. After describing our references (the theory of enunciative operations, the conceptualisation approach, etc.), we give an overview of the main questions which must be answered when designing a learning scenario including language reflection activities. These questions are related, for instance, to the choice of learning objectives and materials and to the choice of metalinguistic terms. The last part of the article presents and analyzes the main characteristics of two recent scenarios, in order to show how a reflective approach can be implemented. In these scenarios, the use of technologies, in particular of an online forum or of online corpora, plays a positive role.

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