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Anregungen zur Darstellung von Routineformeln in einsprachigen Lernerwörterbüchern für DaF

Silke Lipinski (Leipzig)



Routine formulas (RFs) carry many functions in a language system. Thus, not only knowing them but also mastering their use is of major importance for the L2-learner. For this reason, it is important to also describe RFs adequately in learners' dictionaries. However, as previous research shows, there is a major discrepancy between lexicographical requirements and reality. Some demands for the way in which RFs should be presented can be derived from the list of criteria which are used to evaluate dictionary entries of RFs. Some of these requirements may be called phraseographical minima, the realization of some other requirements that have yet to be developed in detail. This article intends to show options on how to improve the lexicography of RFs in print dictionaries for L2-learners. Suggestions for the presentation of RFs in the lexicographical macro-, micro-, and medio-structure are made and discussed.

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