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Fachkommunikation, Popularisierung, Übersetzung:
Empirische Vergleiche am Beispiel der Nominalphrase im Englischen und Deutschen

Silvia Hansen-Schirra (Mainz)/Sandra Hansen/Sascha Wolfer/Lars Konieczny (Freiburg)



This article examines the contrasts and commonalities between languages for specific purposes (LSP) and their popularizations on the one hand and the frequency patterns of LSP register features in English and German on the other. For this purpose corpora of expert-expert and expert-lay communication are annotated for part-of-speech and phrase structure information. On this basis, the frequencies of pre- and post-modifications in complex noun phrases are statistically investigated and compared for English and German. Moreover, using parallel and comparable corpora it is tested whether English-German translations obey the register norms of the target language or whether the LSP frequency patterns of the source language Ńshine throughě. The results provide an empirical insight into language contact phenomena involving specialized communication.

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