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Historische formelhafte Sprache als "harte Nuss" der Korpus- und Computerlinguistik. Ihre Annotation und Analyse im HiFoS-Projekt

Natalia Filatkina (Trier)



The following article tackles not so much the corpus and computer linguistic questions in a narrow sense. It rather focuses on such linguistic phenomena as formulaic patterns in the history of German language and describes them from a corpus and computer linguistic perspective. Since July 2007, historical formulaic language has been a subject of investigation in the research group "Historical Formulaic Language and Traditions of Communication" at the University of Trier. Corpus and computer linguistic methods are not in the middle of the research interest in this project but they constitute its important methodological part. After a short introduction (Chapter 1), Chapter 2 gives a brief outline about the state of the art in the field of formulaic language within the framework of corpus and computer linguistics. Chapter 3 analyzes some problems in this area with regard to modern languages. The issues tackled here turn to be even more problematic from an historical point of view, as shown in the following Chapter 4. Finally, Chapter 5 suggests a possible solution that was developed and implemented in the HiFoS-group.

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