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Olomouc Corpus of Spoken Czech: characterization and main features of the project

Petr Pořízka (Olomouc)



This study presents the results of the author's research project called Olomouc Corpus of Spoken Czech (OCSC). The paper is focused on the state and partial phases of constructing the corpora, its methodology and annotation. Within the OCSC we use so called dual system of transcription, which means (1) an orthographic one with the purpose of linguistic (morpho-logical) analysis and tagging and (2) a phonetic version of transcript which consists of three layers of the text: first the real transcription and further various types of the metatexts as a second and third layer, including communication aspects of the texts. The criteria of selection of speakers are also listed here and the highly important statistical analysis of the sociolin-guistic categories (gender, age, type of education, types of recordings) is presented as well. This analysis can serve as a base for a partial correction of possible non-balance among those sociolinguistic parameters. The annotation rules and principles are mentioned at the end of this study.

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