Linguistik online 28, 3/06

Korpuslinguistik - Corpus linguistics - Les linguistiques de corpus:
Unterschiedliche Stile der Einführung in diese Disziplin?
Lektüreerfahrungen eines der Einführung in die Korpuslinguistik bedürftigen weil blutigen Anfängers

Gottfried Kolde (Genf)



In 2004, at the time of the seminar on German Corpus Linguistics held at Neuchatel, no introduction to this subdiscipline of German Linguistics was available. As a result, the author decided to describe, in his orally presented contribution to that seminar, his experiences in reading a French and an English book entitled Les linguistiques de corpus resp. Corpus Linguistics. In spite of the similarity of the titles, the differences in content and style were so great that even the dangerous notion of (different) national intellectual styles even came to mind. The French book turned out to be, in fact, not an introduction but a critical description of the actual state of art, whereas the English publication intends really to motivate and to inform the beginner. In the meantime just in time for the publication of the texts of 2004, there was published in 2006, the (nearly) ideal introduction to German Corpus Linguistics. It is reviewed in a short supplement to the text of 2004, as evidence for the rapid development of Corpus Linguistics as method and part of the linguistic description of natural languages and their use.


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