Linguistik online 18, 1/04

Konkurrenz, Komplementarität und Kooperation im Bereich der Präpositionen und Verbalpartikeln


Wie lange noch müssen Präpositionen und Verbalpartikeln in Grammatiken ein Schattendasein führen?

Maxi Krause (Caen)



The purpose of this paper is firstly to bring to light cases of rivalry, complementarity and cooperation between German prepositions and prepositions, prepositions and morphologically-related adverbs, prepositions and verb-particles. Secondly, it tries to show a) that "abstract” prepositions are not semantically empty and cannot be reduced to mere syntactic functions; b) that this semantic content has nothing to do with valency (be it that of nouns, verbs or adjectives); c) that their meaning does not depend on whether they are used in idioms or not.


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